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Verilogue is a healthcare communications research company that focuses on understanding and improving conversations between physicians and patients by anonymously recording audio from inside the exam room. With this method we are able to successfully enforce the principles of sociolinguistics through analyzing and interpreting the dialogue.

In the end, we help organizations:

  • Provide and understand meaningful moments in office visits
  • Identify opportunities for patient education and support
  • Give voice to unmet needs of providers and patients

Participation in Verilogue’s research is easy: Simply use our mobile application to record normal conversations with a few willing patients each month. Our research never requires you to leave your office, and the time commitment is minimal. Best of all, participating physicians are awarded a significant monthly honorarium for every completed recording.

Verilogue cares about data security and privacy. We employ a strict, double opt-in approval process, compliant with local and international research guidelines. Additionally, all audio recordings are meticulously anonymized of any personally identifiable information to protect the identities of patient and physician.

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Let's Start the Conversation

Office visit recordings and findings from Verilogue’s research have been included in several peer reviewed publications including:
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