Webinar: Turning Big Data Into Thick Data with Patient Netnography

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Online trend analysis certainly yields breadth, but does it meet your expectations for depth?

As a layered component to traditional trend analytics, "thick data" goes beyond the what provided by surface-level social media monitoring and explores the how and why of patient behavior online.

Using Twitter as a case study dataset, Verilogue's Carolyn Reed shows you how to engage this two-step methodology to target and analyze key consumer interactions by efficiently sifting through "big" social media chatter. The resulting insights help map a network of users’ candid thoughts on treatment, including switch decisions, product sentiment, and lifestyle concerns not addressed in-office.

In an age of individual healthcare management, your patients' voices can be heard horizontally and vertically - but what are you missing out on by not listening? Find out! Join us for this webinar to learn more about this disruptive new methodology. 

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Carolyn Reed
Sr. Linguistic Analyst,

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Turning "Big Data" into "Thick Data" with Patient Netnography 

About the Host

Carolyn Reed holds a Masters in Sociolinguistics from Georgetown University and recognizes that thoughtfully styled language has the power to connect people with ideas to ignite meaning and change. As a Linguistic Analyst at Verilogue, Carolyn explores how HCPs and patients use language to accomplish both transactional and relational goals by applying her training in discourse, ethnography and network theory. She generates socially and commercially relevant insights based on human interaction and supports domestic and global brands across the pharmaceutical industry in the development of compelling messages that are attuned to the functional, emotional and interactional needs of HCPs, patients and their caregivers. 

About Verilogue

Verilogue provides marketers and researchers actionable insights into exam-room conversations between doctors and patients along with access to over 80,000 recorded interactions and the medical linguistic expertise needed to gain a clear understanding of reality at the point-of-care. Verilogue delivers healthcare dialogue expertise in North America, Europe, and Asia.