Webinar: How to Bridge the 4 Most Common Types of Physician-Patient Miscommunication

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With Medical Linguistics Experts Kathryn Ticknor and Ketki Gupte

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On-Demand Webinar
How to Bridge the 4 Most Common Types of Physician-Patient Miscommunication

Verilogue provides insights into exam-room conversations between doctors and patients along with access to over 90,000 recorded interactions and the medical linguistic expertise needed to gain a clear understanding of reality at the point-of-care.

Verilogue delivers healthcare dialogue expertise in markets across North America, Europe, and Asia. 

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Physician-Patient communication is critical in establishing good clinical relationships and improving medication adherence and patient satisfaction. The problem? Patients forget up to 80% of what their physician tells them in the exam room

The consequences of poor physician-patient communication are far-reaching. 28% of first-time prescriptions are never filled, while 70% of all prescriptions go unconsumed

Can pharmaceutical brands bridge this gap?

Join Verilogue linguists Ketki Gupte and Kathryn Ticknor as they unravel the mystery of physician-patient communication. In this upcoming webinar they will draw on experience analyzing thousands of real exam-room dialogues to reveal the 4 most common types of miscommunication, and, most importantly, what your brand can do to correct them. 

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