Webinar: Representative Empathy: Increasing access in a world of detached selling

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Duration: 42 minutes

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Representative Empathy: Increasing Access in a World of Detached Selling

Verilogue provides pharmaceutical representatives insight into exam-room conversations between doctors and patients. Along with access to over 90,000 recorded interactions, Verilogue delivers the medical linguistic expertise needed to gain a clear understanding of reality at the point-of-care.

Verilogue captures real-time physician-patient conversations in key markets across The Americas, Europe, and Asia. 

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What if the difference between the average representative and a top-performer was one overlooked component added to your training curriculum? 

Sales Trainers know that good selling is built on the foundations of product, disease state and customer knowledge, but fearless selling requires something more: representative empathy. Going way beyond customer-centricity, reality-based training allows representatives to truly "don the white coat", develop a deeper connection to the needs of their customers, and ultimately have more meaningful conversations that lead to stronger relationships and increased access. 

In this pre-recorded webinar of our top-rated presentation from the 2014 SPBT Conference, Verilogue's Jamison Barnett will discuss the transformational forces of reality-based empathy-building.

Watch the webinar now to better understand:

  • Empathy in the context of pharmaceutical sales
  • Developing an empathic "gut" for a powerfully visceral style of probing
  • Building representative value in the form of tailored solutions

Your representatives know your product inside-and-out, NOW help them develop an empathetic, real-world understanding of the physician, their patients and their practice. 

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