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A Brave New World of Health Care: With Change Comes Opportunity
Dr. David B. Nash, Jefferson School of Population Health

Healthcare changes are here, and more are on their way. What effects will these changes have on patients in 2013….2016? What role will pharmaceuticals have in this brave new world of health care? What is healthcare doing to become more patient centric? Internationally recognized Dr. David B. Nash, dean of the Jefferson School of Population Health, will discuss the current state of health in the U.S. as well as visions for the future, and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.

Who Are the Real Influencers of Patient-Centered Care?
Betty Long, Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates
Barbara Wadsworth, Main Line Health
Dr. David B. Nash, Jefferson School of Population Health

In this changing landscape, just who and what is influencing the healthcare decision-making process? A diverse panel of health care providers and influencers will provide perspective on their changing roles, responsibilities, and unmet needs in the growing sphere of influence.

Getting the Whole Picture: Combining Innovative Research Methods to Reach Patients and Influencers
Rich Mankovich, Verilogue
Mark Langsfeld, ListenLogic Health
John Wendel, Wendel Ethnographic Research

Today's patients are supported by a larger sphere of influence than ever before: family, doctors, nurses, coaches, pharmacists, friends, and virtual communities. How do brand teams effectively tap into these critical resources to conduct their research? New ethnographic and insight mining research methodologies will be presented to obtain a powerful, 360 degree view of the patient journey from within the home, the exam room, the pharmacy, and the world wide web.

Words of Action: Altering Behavior Using Tailored Messaging
Dr. Don Rubin, Univ. of Georgia Center for Health and Risk Communications
Ulla Connor, Center for Intercultural Communication at Indiana Univ.

How can brand teams leverage powerful new insights to effectively communicate with different types of patients and their variety of influencers? World renowned linguistic expert Ulla Connor joins Donald Rubin from the University of Georgia Center for Health and Risk Communication to discuss the power of language in healthcare messaging as a transformative tool to alter patient behavior. Why language can and should be tailored for specific groups of communicators, and what brand teams stand to gain from the shift.

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