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Emotional Brand Loyalty and Other Successes from the Hospitality Industry

David Van Kalsbeek is a recognized leader in hospitality brand development and global execution of branded products and services. At MGM, David pioneered the concept of emotional brand loyalty, breaking the mold of progressive functional luxury and replacing it with experiences catering to higher level needs of the mind and heart as well as the body. In this exclusive Verilogue Summit keynote, Mr. Van Kalsbeek will share winning strategies and tactics from the hospitality world and draw parallels to the healthcare industry, and how these successes can be applied by pharmaceutical brands to achieve equal results.

Turning "Big Data" into "Thick Data" using Experimental Techniques in Digital Ethnography

Online trend analysis certainly yields breadth, but does it meet your expectations for depth? As a stand-alone analytic dataset or as a layered component to traditional trend analytics, "thick data" goes beyond the what provided by surface-level social media monitoring and explores the how and why of patient behavior online. Using Twitter as a case study dataset, this two-step methodology targets and analyzes key consumer interactions by efficiently sifting through "big" social media chatter in order to map a network of users’ candid thoughts on treatment, including switch decisions, product sentiment, and lifestyle concerns not addressed in-office. In an age of individual healthcare management, your patients' voices can be heard horizontally and vertically - are you listening?

Acting From the Gut: Empathy for Sustainable Innovation

Here's the good news: the conscious decisions you make every day are probably well-informed, reasoned, and based in solid empirical data. Here's the bad news: the vast majority of your decisions are unconscious. In fact, recent developments in neurology have demonstrated just how influential the unconscious mind is on our behavior, and how important "gut" is in shaping those decisions. This session will draw the (quite literal) connection between brain and gut, and share with you how to leverage empathy as the critical path in building gut that drives sustainable innovation for your brand.

Panel Discussion
Individualizing the Patient Experience Through New Healthcare Technology

Compliance is a complex problem. Trying to target and identify patients early in the process to educate them in an automated way is beneficial, and could be the essential road-map to reducing re-admissions and improving outcomes. Could new technologies be the answer that the healthcare system has been searching for? In this open-ended panel discussion, health-IT trailblazers will discuss how interactive patient care platforms and science-backed referral systems are transforming the healthcare experience, and how in the future pharmaceutical brands may be able to leverage these access points to learn from, and educate their target patients and physicians.

Day in the Life: A Revolutionary Case in Using Dialogue-Infused Qualitative Research for Obtaining Deep Patient Insights

In this never before released case study we reveal the intricate execution and high impact results derived from one of Verilogue’s most ambitious multi-modal studies conducted yet. This client case study powerfully illustrates how innovative brands are leveraging reality-based methods encompassing recorded patient-physician dialogue, dialogue-infused depth interviews, and patient video diaries, to paint a vivid and authentic picture of a real “day in the life” of a patient, and uncover unique insights rarely obtained from traditional research.

NEW for 2013!
Physician Roundtable: Real HCPs Answer Audience Questions Live!


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Disruptive marketing techniques and breakthrough research methodologies are allowing pharmaceutical brands to finally 'Go beyond the pill'. Now is the time to create true value for patients and their physicians, to understand their health challenges and successes, and to engage them in a manner that is as uniquely individual as they are. In other words, it's time to build a new healthcare consumer experience. 

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