Co-Constructing the Ideal Dialogue

On Demand Webinar

All pharmaceutical brands employ a partnership with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to inform strategies throughout a product's lifecycle. The dilemma: How do you bridge the gap between KOL Best Practices and Community-Level Realities.

While advisory boards provide a wealth of real-world knowledge and insights about the marketplace, they further highlight the vast gap that exists between the communication tactics and interaction styles of KOLs versus busy community-level physicians.

Client success stories will be shared to divulge the “secret sauce” of how to leverage KOLs as mentors to community physicians and co-construct the ideal conversational flow.

Learn about a unique engagement encompassing Advisory Board listening workshops focused on

  • Community-Level Interactions

  • Linguistic analysis of KOL-Patient dialogue recordings, and 

  • Strategic Development of physician and patient communication tools

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