Leveraging Patient Narratives for Individual Outcomes

Exclusive Infographic

Every patient is a moving target operating under unique perceptions, priorities and past experiences. Identifying what those factors are as well as when and how they affect decisions enables brand teams to most effectively penetrate a cycle of health literacy and best manage desired health outcomes.

Download Verilogue's cutting-edge research poster to hear naturally occurring narratives shared by patients with their physicians at key decision points along the prostate cancer patient's journey.

Patient narrative provides a direct line to the deep conceptual frameworks employed by patients, and this poster aims to teach marketers and market researchers how these real narratives can be leveraged to:

  • Gain a unique and influential perspective on the patient journey

  • Identify core beliefs which can be employed in the development of messages designed with the individual in mind

  • Reveal the logistical, logical and emotional factors which contribute to a patient's unique trajectory

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