11 Ways to Use Dialogue Research to Take Your Marketing from Good to Great

Pre-Recorded Webinar Presentation (51 Minutes Duration)

Healthcare market research is transforming. Innovative new methodologies like natural, exam-room dialogue recordings give brand teams the opportunity to learn more about patients and physicians than ever thought possible. And they don’t have to do it alone. With the power of Verilogue behind them, brands can take advantage of best practices, knowledge, and ideas to have a greater impact on their marketing efforts.

Whether you're new to healthcare dialogue research or consider yourself an expert, our FREE webinar will help you discover how Verilogue's natural exam-room conversations can be applied to build a stronger foundation for your 2018 marketing goals.

In this FREE webinar presentation, you'll learn how to apply dialogue to:

  • Access the Market Landscape and Develop Brand Strategies

  • Create effective messaging and size up the competition

  • Capture the patient journey and identify new opportunities for your sales team

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