[WHITEPAPER] Risk in the age of COVID-19

Insights Gleaned Through the Analysis of Exam Room Dialogues Collected During the Pandemic

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In the exam room, discussion of risks associated with COVID-19 are evolving as we learn more about the underlying characteristics of the virus and disease.  

Through the analysis of >1,400 exam room conversations with specific discussion of COVID-19, Verilogue compared HCP-PT conversations collected early in the pandemic against more recent conversations, exploring how discussions of risk evolved at the point of care and how the discussion is being shaped through education and research. 

It is critical that this topic be well understood to ensure effective communication across stakeholders, and we invite you to explore the most prevalent themes in this new whitepaper. Verilogue will continue to monitor the evolution of the exam room conversation in response to the vaccine rollout, and if there are any specific questions that are not addressed in this analysis, please let us know and we can explore in our database of >13,000 dialogues collected since the start of the pandemic.

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  • Leverage existing HCP and patient behaviors for the development of messages

  • Understand how conversational roles have shifted for immunosuppressed patients

  • Identify primary care misconceptions around the topic of 'risk exception'

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