[WEBINAR] The Impact of COVID on Physician Legitimacy and Patient Empowerment

An Examination of Shifting Patient Behaviors in Chronic Care

On-Demand Webinar (Originally hosted June 8, 2021)

COVID-19 has radically changed healthcare. Some of these changes are temporary workarounds. Some are here to stay. And some already were in place, with COVID accelerating the changes.

All of the changes have had an impact on patient behavior: how they approach their conditions; talk about their conditions; and make decisions around their conditions.

We invite you to join our Strategy and Linguistic teams in this new webinar, as they take a deeper look at the impact of these changes on patient behaviors within chronic care.

We’ll take you “behind the door” to actual physician-patient exam room dialogues and share what patients have shared with us in primary research, focusing on changes in patient perceptions of physician legitimacy, in pursuit of better healthcare communication and outcomes.

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