Webinar: Three Ways to Help Patients Remember Your Marketing Message

Pre-Recorded Webinar Presentation (41 Minutes Duration)

Improving patient adherence and achieving more effective disease management continue to be key issues for both healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies. It is estimated that non-adherence results in an average per-drug loss of 36 percent in potential sales. Success depends on patients understanding and retaining messages from doctors, nurses, insurance companies, drug manufacturers, and other sources.

Studies show that most patients forget more than half of what they’ve heard, and often what they do remember is inaccurate. It’s no surprise that in the highly-charged dynamic of the office visit, where patients are often physically and emotionally overwhelmed, important messages from the doctor are lost. These lost messages ultimately cause patients to become confused about their doctor’s instructions after the visit. Without this understanding, adherence declines and treatment outcomes suffer.

Understanding where communication gaps occur can lead to the development of proactive strategies to reduce the chances that important messages will be misunderstood or forgotten during and after the office visit.

This on-demand webinar will provide participants with:

  • Examples of key gaps in patient-doctor communication

  • Three ways to improve message delivery and retention

  • Leveraging insights for message development

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