Dialogue Detective: Gathering Competitor Intelligence Through Exam-Room Conversation

Dialogue Guide

Despite competitor intelligence, you may gather from other research sources, there is a unique and more powerful angle you’re probably missing out on what’s being said in the doctor’s office.

As a "Dialogue Detective," you'll get to hear how your brand is being positioned against the competition, how your product maps up against competitor profiles, and where leverage points exist in the market.

Download our new interactive guide to explore specific examples illustrating how talk in the doctor’s office provides rich competitive intelligence for brand teams.

You'll learn how:
  • Doctors use metaphors to relay product advantages
  • Treatment experiences push doctors to make treatment recommendations
  • Competitor message pull-through is revealed
  • Competitor weaknesses are uncovered
  • Pipeline brands can become better prepared to enter the market
  • Dialogue measures physician interest in new products

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