[WEBINAR] Differences in Cultural Communication


Across the world, people communicate very differently with each other, and especially their physicians. What one culture might use to describe high levels of pain could have an entirely different meaning in another country. Whether it be different countries, religions, or races, people commonly stick to communicatory patterns when speaking about their health in their natural language.  While these differences can have a negative impact on the patient during the diagnosis and treatment stage, there are opportunities for brands to support these patients locally and globally. 

In this on-demand webinar, Verilogue's very own Christopher Farina PhD will guide you and your team in dissecting these cultural differences to identify gaps in your global communication strategy.

Register today to learn how:

  • Regional Differences impact medical metaphors and terminology

  • Brand Implications differ greatly across a multitude of countries 

  • "Hidden Messages" within certain language can mislead HCP's

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