Equity in the Vaccination Process

Intellus Institute Presentation: Co-presented by Sanofi Pasteur and Verilogue

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The COVID pandemic brought to light considerable health disparities across the US with multiple explanations proposed for lower vaccination rates among underserved populations.

Sanofi Pasteur partnered with Verilogue in order to hear the actual voices of patients in the natural environment of the physician’s office. This research was designed to gain insight into how vaccine discussions differ among Black, Latinx, and white patients, to untangle these explanations and take action to help close the vaccination gap.

To learn more about this research, we invite you to listen to a pre-recorded presentation that was hosted at the 2021 Fall Intellus Institute, co-presented by Sanofi Pasteur's Grace Gosselin and Verilogue's Chelsea McCracken, which we are now making available to those unable to view at the conference. You can fill out the form below to receive a download link, and please reach out to your dedicated Verilogue account representative if you have any questions.

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