Patient Typologies: Right Audience, Right Message

Pre-Recorded Webinar Presentation (54 Minutes Duration)

Manufacturer-supplied informational materials play a key role in patient education. When they don't address the specific education gaps patients experience, however, all of the resources spent on developing and marketing the content are lost.

Don't miss this key opportunity to improve your brand's reputation among physicians and patients.

Watch this On-Demand Webinar now and join us as we explore each of these gaps in greater detail. By listening to real, in-office physician-patient dialogue examples, we'll illustrate where education gaps are obvious and where effective patient education is achieved by the physician.

We’ll share suggestions for ways pharmaceutical marketers, market researchers and others in the healthcare space can bridge these gaps, helping patients be more knowledgeable about their bodies and their health.

  • Disease and Treatment Education

  • Lifestyle Education

  • Test Results Education

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