Success Story in Men’s Health Space

Patient Segmentation to “Reframe for Advantage” and Overtake an Established Market Leader

June is Men's Health Month! Insync has helped our clients in this category across a variety of projects in this area. Read this short case study for a sample of how we can help with your Men's Health projects. This example explains how our research helped enable our pharmaceutical client to overtake the market leader, with leadership that remains in place today.
INSYNC Case Study Mens Health thumbnail.jpg



About Insync

Insync is an insights based brand consultancy that leverages human-centricity to unlock human behaviors, emotions, and decision making to create change to win strategies. A pioneer in creating the Emotional Journey, Insync taps into the fundamental and often hidden target needs and human desires, to help customers develop deep customer intimacy. With offices in Toronto, New York, and London, Insync is a member of the world's largest healthcare communications network, Publicis Health.


About Verilogue

Verilogue provides insights into real conversations between doctors and patients, access to over 140,000 recorded interactions, and the medical linguistic expertise needed to gain a clear understanding of reality at the point-of-care. Verilogue delivers healthcare dialogue expertise in markets across North & South America, Europe, and Asia.