Understanding Difficult Conversations in Oncology: A Descriptive Approach

Optimizing patient dialogue during Oncology Conversations

Research on teaching communication skills to medical students indicates that key approaches for Oncologists include “exploring patients’ perspectives, responding to emotion with empathy, and maintaining mindfulness during highly charged conversations.” However, with the average Oncology visit lasting just under 9 minutes, time for deploying these strategies is short and often further complicated by differing orientations, experiences, and priorities among those involved. Now you can access the on-demand webinar, Difficult Conversations in Oncology as we explore the most important part of the cancer journey - the patients perspective.

Watch now to learn:

  • Explore examples of "difficult conversations" in Oncology.

  • Describe common areas of interactional misalignment between Oncologists and their patients. 

  • Provide objective tools by which challenging situations can be characterized and better understood. 

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