Interactive Whitepaper

The more marketers know about their target physician types, the more successful they will be at creating messages which are relevant to them. Verilogue’s physician typologies uncover a unique perspective on the physician not available through traditional research methodologies.

Request a digital copy of Verilogue's Big Book of Physician Typologies, and explore seven unique physician typologies identified through communication behaviors exhibited during office visits. This illustrated guide is filled with real exam-room audio.

The Big Book of Physician Typologies explores:
  • Deriving typologies through dialogue: How Verilogue's unique physician typologies are developed, and why they matter to your marketing efforts
  • Typologies and dialogue examples: The Healer, The Attendant, The Guide, The Parent, The Authority, The Mechanic, and The Paternalist
  • Tips and strategies on how to market to the different types of physician typologies

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