Turning "Big Data" into "Thick Data" with Patient Netnography

On Demand Webinar

Online trend analysis certainly yields breadth, but does it meet your expectations for depth?
As a layered component of traditional trend analytics, "thick data" goes beyond the what provided by surface-level social media monitoring and explores the how and why of patient behavior online.

Using Twitter as a case study dataset, Verilogue's Carolyn Reed shows you how to engage this two-step methodology to target and analyze key consumer interactions by efficiently sifting through "big" social media chatter. The resulting insights help map a network of users’ candid thoughts on treatment, including switch decisions, product sentiment, and lifestyle concerns not addressed in-office.

In an age of individual healthcare management, your patients' voices can be heard horizontally and vertically - but what are you missing out on by not listening? Find out! Join us for this webinar to learn more about this disruptive new methodology.

  • How Online Data can be used with Exam Room Dialogues

  • Using Social Media for Healthcare Insights

  • Adding an additional dimension to patient communication

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