Patient 360: How to Uncover Breakthrough Insights Using Multi-Modal Ethnographic Research

On Demand Webinar

As a healthcare marketing professional, understanding the patient's real-world perspective plays a giant role in the success of your brand strategy and execution. You also know too well the challenges of accessing patients in the natural environments that ultimately construct their perception of their illness, the treatment journey, and even your specific product.

Watch this pre-recorded webinar to join Jim Hickey, Senior Director of Client Services at Verilogue, as he illustrates how innovative observational research methodologies are layered to deliver an insider's look into how patients speak and feel about their illness and interact with your products first-hand.

This groundbreaking, multi-modal approach is designed to take exam-room dialogue insights to the next level by using a combination of in-home observation and follow-up interviews. Hear patients tell their story in their own words, for deep insight into their day-to-day experience and context around their attitudes and behaviors.

Set aside just half an hour to learn how modern multi-modal research takes you deeper into the patient's unique journey, to reveal:

  • How illness really affects the patient's quality of life

  • How patients manage and cope with their condition

  • What role treatment plays in their daily routine , and clues to help communicate with patients

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