Secrets from the Exam-Room: Getting the Scoop on Competitor Brand Positioning

Pre-Recorded Webinar Presentation (34 Minutes Duration)

Improved compliance and adherence can lead to better health outcomes for patients and brand growth for drug manufacturers, but convincing patients to accept treatment is a well-recognized challenge.

Marketers who successfully uncover the drivers and barriers to treatment acceptance are able to develop more effective messaging and support materials to improve patient adherence. Better market research insights come from inside the exam room, where natural dialogue between patients and physicians reveals the underlying emotions, fears, attitudes, concerns, and expectations which ultimately shape the patient’s treatment decision.

Watch this pre-recorded webinar and join us as we compare and contrast 10 real exam-room conversations displaying five types of treatment barriers and drivers, why they matter to your brand team, and how you can use dialogue insights to address them:

  • Cost and Efficacy

  • Side Effects and Testimonials

  • Dosing and Routine of Administration

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