Your Patient Journey Passport: Exploring Attitudes and Motivations via Reality-Based Research

Pre-Recorded Webinar Presentation (46 Minutes Duration)

By now, most pharma brands know they need a customer-centric marketing strategy to effectively connect with their customers. But to truly understand a patient's journey you must get to know them in a more intimate way, from the emotions they feel when first hearing their diagnosis, to the challenges and struggles they face every day with a disease.

Watch our FREE, on-demand webinar to join Verilogue's medical linguistics experts as they share unique, reality-based research methods to uncover patient attitudes and motivations along the Patient Journey.

Join us and discover how you can finally capture the real Patient Journey in order to:

  • Inform the decisions you make about your brand

  • Reinforce or challenge your assumptions of the patient's perspectives on disease, and

  • Humanize the research “data” you mine for insights.

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